Paul Lashmar, Photographer
Northamptonshire based landscape, documentary and editorial photographer. Giving photography that 'wow' factor it needs covering the East Midlands and further afield.
A media and press experienced photographer based in the East Midlands County of Northamptonshire, offering a professional and high quality photography service to business and industry.
With good links and contacts to local and regional media, we are your first point of call to help promote you in Northamptonshire.
Northamptonshire is a county with a strong heritage of Royal links and a growing business environment. From Fotheringhay in the north of the county to Althorp, the resting place of The Princess of Wales and beyond with Silverstone and Towcester racecourse.
Growth areas of Corby and Daventry are seeing investment in infrastructure and facilities.
Northamptonshire has become a prime location for renewable energy technology and its transport infrastructure has lead many businesses to relocate here.
As a photographer in Northamptonshire I have been working on a series of projects for clients aimed at ensuring they have up to date, contemporary imagery suitable for a multitude of uses from websites and promotional brochures to press and PR releases. The advantage of the image style being that it is flexible and can adapt to nearly all needs.
Our growing photographic library of Northamptonshire covers business, industry, sport and the counties unique character, villages, towns and heritage.
Paul J Lashmar / Northamptonshire Photography
Supplying high impact, eye-catching and creative photographic images that deliver a 'wow' factor to the viewer and raise the profile of the customer. This helps you to ensure that your message is clear and with the benefit of providing you with a copyright licence, this means you can also have a continuity of your message through the photographs across all forms of advertising and promotional media without the hidden risk of extra charges
Experience in the media helps to understand the type and style of photography you need. This means that the photography supplied will compliment the style and image you wish to present.
Using modern digital photography, photographic images can be provided in a variety of formats. We can also transmit photographic images, by e-mail, to a designated third party - such as publishers or printers - if so requested.
Our approach to photography is client and customer lead. We will take the time to find out from you what you want from your photographs, this helps us to make sure that we understand what your plans are for the use of the photographs; such as images of a new product to support a sales message or shots introducing your staff to your customers. This means we can use our creative photographic and photojournalistic skills, that we have developed over many years in the photography industry, to help you better achieve the results you desire.
Based near Kettering, Northamptonshire in the East Midlands and along the A14 corridor. This gives good and easy access not just to Northampton and the surrounding counties but into central London, other major cities and the rest of the UK by road, rail and in some cases air travel